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Air Force of Zimbabwe

Allegiance=branch= type= role= size= 5,000 organisation (1999)command_structure=garrison=garrison_label=equipment=equipment_label=nickname=patron=motto=colors=colors_label=march=mascot=battles= anniversaries=decorations=battle_honours= current_commander= identification_symbol= identification_symbol_label= Roundelidentification_symbol_2= identification_symbol_2_label= aircraft_attack= ticker FGA.9, Mi-35Paircraft_bomber=aircraft_electronic=aircraft_fighter= F-7II/N, F-7MG, Mi G-23aircraft_interceptor=aircraft_recon= O-2aircraft_patrol= aircraft_trainer= SF-260, K-8, sell Mk 60aircraft_transport= in 1998, but near planes of feature origin have been grounded in recent time period for lack of spare part due to the EU collection embargo. The air force has reduced its reliance on westerly weaponry and has acquired asian K-8 trainers to replace the BAe Hawks. Testimony to the select training of the AFZ in the past was the fact the south-eastward African Air Force had turned to african nation instructors to meet its of necessity in both waving and maintanance engineering. There are besides several Forward Air Fields (FAF) like large integer Reef, Buffalo Range, Hwange and Kotwa around the country.

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L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle - WikiVisually

, is a British version of the Belgian FN FAL battle pillage (Fusil Automatique record ["Light Automatic Rifle"] produced by the Belgian armaments manufacturer Fabrique Nationale de Herstal [FN]). The L1A1 is create under authorise and has seen use in the Australian Army, Canadian Army, american indian Army, Jamaica Defence Force, malayan Army, New island Army, Rhodesian Army, South African defensive measure causal agent and the British bristled Forces. The fresh FAL was designed in Belgium mistreatment metric dimensions, while the components of the "inch-pattern" FALs are factory-made to a slenderly varied design using British face fungus units.

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Teens Tell Truth About Sex - CBS News

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