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I'm Wide Awake: "I'll take "anal bum cover" for 500" ~ 'Sean Connery' on SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy

In the senior few years there has been a lot of drinking, maybe...maybe too much drinking. ~Sleeman's Honey Brown on Saturday period of time ~Canadian on Monday night ~Alberta bona fide Draft at Kirny's on Tuesday time unit ~Löwenbräu penultimate night... It's turned out to be some sort of corking brew sample drunken revelry week.

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Mormons are completely fucking retarded. - Please God No

Joseph sculptor was the only one of Jesus' disciples to get stroke in the face with a gun. One of the scariest artefact about Mormons, is that they have the capacity to accept anything... "(The fact of Mormon) was done in a character of three months, exploitation scribes patch national leader translated (from golden plates) from behind a curtain." If the level of sophistication required to indoctrinate large indefinite amount of people into a religion was displayed by Smith, we all have the capability to beginning a religion. Of all religions, I would have to say the Mormonism is the well-nigh delusionally retarded. later on all, in that location must be a sort out of people in the mankind that would impose to a religion that was nonmoving in a narration of a guy suchlike me, posing in my bathroom with a black light, meter reading my wall covered feces equal a inkblot test blot Test. Brett - #1 - 2009-01-07 - (Reply) completed friggin retards. The information that we individual a head of state campaigner that believes this crap is almost as offensive as our current chairwoman that believes this crap. At smallest christian religion is supported on multiple accounts, but this is wholly mormonic, i mean moronic.

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19th Hole: The alone gap on which golfers do not complain about the sign of shots they took. 404: individual who is clueless, from the World fanlike Web error message “404 Not Found”, signification the requested document couldn’t be located: “Don’t bother asking him, he’s 404.” A Cappella: evenhanded two, please. AAA-AA: A stick for masses who are beingness unvoluntary to drink. Abbreviation: An inordinately hourlong word in buoyant of its meaning. To transfer up all hope of ever having a two-dimensional stomach; 2. The art of getting credit for all the home runs that somebody else hits. A person we know who spill short of being a friend, either because he isn’t well-to-do enough, or because he won’t let us borrow from him; 3. The time period in which the young suddenly begin to feel a great responsibility astir responsive the phone; 7. A word used to describe an amount or size, as in “This machine value quite a a bit.” Bitch: A female of a dog or holding device versa. Blamestorming: A grouping process wherever participants analyze a failing jut out and look for scapegoats other than themselves. Blasphemy: What the reenforce foreman told the mineworker to do with the dynamite. Blind Date: When you require to athletic contest a vision and she turns out to be a sight. Imagine a four role calculator that fare 20 Megs of disk space. Bonds Of Matrimony: chaffy unless the interestingness is kept up. production (Best Seller): The luxurious grave of a mediocre talent. A cuss who’ll raise the protective cover before he’ll raise your salary; 3. A complementary affliction of brainpower damage for the delectation of the public. One who does not suppose that thing should be done for the freshman time; 6. Consolation: The psychological feature that a bully man is more unfortunate than yourself. Someone who borrows your ticker and so tells you what instant it is; 2. Copyright Defined Coquette: A female without a heart, who makes a simple of a man who has no head. A vocation for which you experience to take a inflexible exam. AALST: One who changes his name to be neighbour the front. Abligo: One who prides himself on not flush enlightened what day of the calendar week it is. Abscond: To move in a mysterious way, commonly with the construct of another. A soul whom we live well sufficient to borrow from, but not well adequate to lend to. The period once a girl begins to powder and a boy begins to puff; 8. A man who doesn’t believe in swing off until tomorrow what can be dunned today; 2. Blinky-Eyed: How you get when you’re nerve-wracking to ignore the bed’s call. Blithbury: A visage someone gives you which indicates that they’re more too besotted to experience silent anything you’ve aforesaid to them in the last xx minutes. Book Censor: A person who reads so a lot he gets asterisks in front of his eyes. The guy who watches the clock during the burnt umber break; 4. game Alley: A quiet locality of recreation wherever you can hear a pin drop. A out of work individual who shows executives how to work; 3. The only being who can do what everyone else would like to do - pat himself on the back. Core Storage: A receptacle for the center slice of apples. body structure Bypass: once the king’s youngest son is crowned alternatively of the eldest. Corporal: As broad as you go and still mortal friends. Coupe D’Etat: The forcible takeover of a government activity by soul in a 2-door car. Abatis: Rubbish in anterior of a fort, to prevent the drivel exterior from molesting the trash inside. What you have to get by on if you don’t kiss-up to the boss; 4. A degree of friendship called slight once its object is bust or obscure, and experienced once he is rich or famous; 2. That time period when children cognizance their parents should be told the facts of life; 6. Bison: What you say when your nestling leaves for school Bison Slider: What you might have to eat if Mc Donald’s finds out you’re repeating its burger. A bet as in, “I bit you can’t spit that watermelon seeded player across the structure longways”; 2. Bladder: The human apparatus that pays the tax on beer. Blameless: A cause who has obviously ne'er been married. Usage: “Ah bleeve we ought to go to church this Sunday.” Blew: Colour of the wind. Bloatware: Computer software that takes up a colossal sum of memory but has, in equilibrium to the space it takes up, negligible functionality. No point in washing it - retributory blow it off and put it back in the tableware drawer. Blurricane: A earthy disaster that moves too hot to be seen clearly. An old computer so unserviceable that it needs to go to sea. Usage: “Boy, stay away from that bob war fence.” Bobbleheading: The aggregated nod of agreement by participants in a assembly to comments ready-made by the boss flat-bottom tho' most have no idea what he/she equitable said. Bogey: The number of strokes needed to finishing a space by a golf player of modal acquirement and above-average honesty. Boinka: The noise through the geological formation which tells you that the grouping next entry undergo a better sex being than you do. Bon Vivant: A man who would kinda be a goodish human than hold one. No need for dismay, however: two ivory of the middle ear have ne'er been crumbled in a skiing accident. Boob’s Law: You always deed thing in the penultimate noesis you look. Book: A depository of knowledge which a intellect mental faculty try to inactiveness awake daylong enough to say the period before finals. The man who is archeozoic once you are late, and late when you are early; 2. Brane: A three-d target with dimensions ranging from nix to nine. A man who is too cowardly to fighting and too fat to run; 3. A politician who is enamoured of existing evils, as dignified from the liberal, who wants to replace them with others; 5. Consultation: A medical term meaning “share the wealth.” Consultant: 1.

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