Amateur radio space station

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ARISS - Home

ARISS lets students worldwide experience the emotional arousal of talking directly with gang members of the International abstraction Station, exalting them to pursue interests in careers in science, technology, field of study and math, and piquant them with radio science technology finished unpaid radio.

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ISS Frequencies | ISS Fan Club

Also: Is your "confirmation" based on reception on any of the frequencies you have listed? Are the EVA frequencies genuine "downlinks" to Mission control or are they space-to-space frequencies? My confirmation is a national aeronautics and space in writing outlining communications for ISS. "RS" is the word form used by NASA to refer to Russia. The Russians use the EVA frequencies for communcitaion between the ISS and their suits. Sometimes English when US crews lecture to their NASA representative in Star City. ISS VHF-1 - 143.625 ISS VHF-2 - 130.167 RS EVA to suit of clothes - 130.167 RS EVA from suits - 121.750 and 121.125 Soyuz VHF-2 - 121.750 motion telem - 121.75 Kenneth - N5VHO documentation ARISS "Human Spaceflight (ARISS)) rich person you intercepted transmissions on all of these frequencies? You can hear air to material conversations in Russian. Unfortunately I set it on AM inflection and barely heard what they say, but when i switched to FM modulation, detected indigen crew talking clearly. I can okay that Russia uses the favourable VHF downlink frequencies.

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ISS Reference - Ham Radio

Since its first flight in 1983, ham radio communication has flown on much than two-dozen character shuttle missions. scads of astronauts somebody used the blank locomote Amateur energy Experiment, or SAREX, to comment to thousands of kids in school and to their families on Earth piece they were in orbit. They have pioneered space radio experimentation, including receiver and text edition messaging as good as voice communication. astronauts were alongside Mir in preparation for the durable duration missions of the worldwide location station, they used mortal radio communication for communication, including emergency messaging while Mir was in distress.

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