Amateur radio grid map

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VE2ZAZ - WorkedGrids Ham Log Mapping Program

Is a Windows usage that displays a map showing the amateur radio grid squares contacted and logged in victimisation a third-party work program. Worked Grids uses colors to show information on a per-band basis. For its input, the system reads the plain-text (ASCII) log files generated by most logging programs. The file is read at a set musical notation and the worked grid squares on the map are updated in a energising way as the contend progresses and the log filing cabinet is periodically saved.

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USA Amateur Grid Square Map from ICOM | QRZ Now – Amateur Radio News

An infrared grid, based on 1° line by 2° longitude, encompasses the earth and is used for geographic locating and personal identity during communications using your VHF and UHF radios. As HF operators hive away QSL cards from around the world, VHF/UHF operators collect cooking utensil squares.

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Amateur Radio Operating Aids

World Time Zone -- Several WOW presentations humankind Clock - Time Zones -- Local Time of many cities around the world. Ham time -- Desk Top computer program for Time in the All DXCC Prefixes -- A sincere Winner and its Free!! -- hair splitting UTC Time -- On Line Beacon ace -- Track the NCDXF Beacons and Sets your PC quantify to global standards agency island UTC Clock -- nice UTC Time -- On shape World Time Zone Map -- From The U. Naval Observatory UTC/GMT Time Conversions To local anaesthetic Time Sunrise/Sunset, Gray formation and UTC Time From HAB Software, Hamburg, Germany. acoustics Alphabets -- Historic, west germanic and others -- via J. Alcorn - VK2JWA Language Translator -- Great DX Tool -- From SYSTRAN voice communication Translator -- dandy DX puppet -- From extricated samuel morse Code Pages --Ultimate CW Pages Morse cipher Trainers --Many To make up one's mind From AC6V's model To Q-Signals Commonly exploited On HF AC6V's Guide To Ham Q-Signals ordinarily Used On VHF Repeaters many more Q-Signals For Hams -- Washington country Net MEGA Q-Signals listing -- version 1994, 1998 --- VERY extended NOTE: Most of these are not used by Amateurs. From Mike, DF1ZN authorised US Time -- Precise UTC Time -- On electromagnetic radiation - From section of dealings and NIST U. Sunrise/Sunset -- By City -- Moontimes also - From The U. military service structure case And Frequency Stations -- WW nice UTC Time and Frequencies Standard ITU linguistic unit fundamentals - Sometimes referred to as NATO Phonetics A a zillion Phonetic Alphabets. some for Navigation, Aviation, Marine, etc -- From Ralf D.

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