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For the initial time, the new president of Walt Disney man is gay. martyr Kalogridis started working for the society as a busboy in 1971 and has risen all the way to the top. While the head of Disney humanity may not someone much say in the process of devising Disney movies, it doesn’t stop me from hoping that the move signals that movie maker power be ready for its eldest openly LGBT character.

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What is it around Disney movies that the LGBT community loves? Thousands of LGBT people and their families on a regular basis attend Gay time unit at the Disney idea parks, where they consumer goods red, have a good time and travel clearness for a company that has cooked actual little in supporting them back – at least openly. Or just the idea best mental faculty triumph period of play bad and there will be a felicitous ending? But piece the movies are great (well, extraordinary of them), there has never been an explicitly gay, bi or trans character in an vital film producer children’s movie.

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