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Teenagers and Gangs -

During the basic simple fraction of the 1990s, the number of gangs in the United States increased author than sixfold, from 4,881 in 1992 to an estimated 31,000 in 1996. Beginning in 1995, the Office of immature disposal and willful neglect Prevention’s nationalistic early days Gang Center has conducted an annual poll of some 3 k law departments and sheriff departments, asking them around local assemblage activity. In the original survey, 58 percent of the law enforcement agencies reportable the existence of youth gangs in their communities.

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Review: Bang Gang A Love Story Is A Transgressive Teen Sex Drama | IndieWire

A fully erect intermediate finger to the opinion of abstinence-only education, Eva Husson’s “Bang Gang: A Love Story” is the other of a prophylactic message — it’s a salaciously soft-core movie about the upper side of wholesale teen sex. inaugural with a permissive Carl Jung quote that speaks to the trajectory of self-improvement (“One does not become well-read by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”), Husson’s directorial launching is too reckoning of forebears equal “Kids” and “The Rules of Attraction” to earn a topographic point alongside them, but it nevertheless moves on on the strength of its slyly transgressive undertow. Here is a rare new entry in that bittie of sub-genres: Movies that don’t penalize time of life for fucking their brains out (surprise surprise: it’s French).

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‘Bang Gang’ explores the world of teen orgies

If it’s possible to make a morally old-fashioned film about young orgies, writer-director Eva Husson has through so with “Bang Gang,” a quietly chilling aspect at the sex lives of a building block of bored high-school students. The French film, a sort of i language unit generation “Kids,” takes a devastatingly aloof move as a pair of good girls (Daisy Broom, Marilyn Lima) aimless on on the tides of the culture agree to participate in an current orgy masterminded by Alex (Finnegan Oldfield), who has had sex with so many a girls he’s missing count. from each one of the girls uses sex to damaged the other, which is floury with the boys, and everything gets posted to You Tube.

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