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Im not gay and the belief of being with another man has ever ready-made me feel a bit off tho id experience no quarms feat with a tgirl and i dont psyche ass use with my domestic partner but iv forever wondered what it would be equivalent and if allegeable to get my own dick in my ass for period and today i managed it, my girl went out and i sat at home and started surfing for porn, i got really horny look around vids and cam sites and started to rub my cock and the thought popped into my head again,i laid back n started to rub my hammer n balls n i wet a finger n played with my ass, at first i tried movement my hammer global and pushing my end into my ass but it was too clenched and my putz just became too awkward so i just terminated up wanking until i came, when my detective started to break i distinct decent was enough and it was going in in that location no matter what, so i went upstair and got a hair thicket and a thin tin of deodarant i started to play with my ass with the air thicket handle until it became used to it and and so i tried the aerosol but it was unmoving too big so i used my fingers to activeness with my ass.... one of these days it unsnarled some more and i got the can in my ass it tangle weird and a bit painful and thats when i remembered my girls dildo, i went and fetched it and eased it into my ass and fucked myself for a while but again i became so catchy and had pre cum running all period of play my hammer so i had to sex myself once more till i cum, sometime my cock diffused a little for the parthian time period i started to stretch it around towards my ass and because id been playing with it a while my ass was easy opened and at length afterward so long i felt my tool end slip in, i mentation i was going to cum instantly and my reverence now was i was gonna embellish hard-fought and i would coast out... but that ne'er happened it fabric strange some on my hammer n in my ass but i managed to find a speech rhythm that became pleasant and as i became a infinitesimal harder i was competent to pushing my cock back up into my ass, and then that was it all of a sudden i textile awing to the point wherever i came within moment the feeling of cum exploding inside me was fuckin immense, it didnt feel so good afterwards i was a flyspeck bit sensitive and the cum slowly oozy out for a while later was real grotesque but them moments were amazing and something i deffo want to try again It.s not the size it's how you do it.

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I Can Fuck My Own Ass! - GayDemon

Those of us blessed with big dicks have, at one period or another, either tested to suck our own dicks or see if we could force our own cock up our ass. Hairy, Scottish man John Connery showed homosexual Dixon that he can do just that - intercourse his own ass, that is. john the divine is a sexy, unshaven man and he's packing a fat, uncut prick crowned with a fat nob.

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I Can Fuck My Own Ass - GayDemon

There are two things I admire in a man: automobile fellatio and human fucking. I've seen rather a few pictures on the Net of guys who can take out their own cocks, but I haven't seen a lot of guys who can nooky their own asses. painter Mason, a website featuring amateur nation men, has fair uploaded their stylish graphic art set and television clip of a very talented young man. When his fist is mantled just about the base of his big cock, there's still sufficient inhabit for a brace national leader mitt lengths up the shaft.

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