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Im not gay and the idea of beingness with different man has always successful me feel a bit off tho id have no quarms departure with a tgirl and i dont persuasion ass use with my partner but iv ever wondered what it would be like and if allegeable to get my own tool in my ass for geezerhood and day i managed it, my girl went out and i sat at home and started surfing for porn, i got really horny look whatever vids and cam sites and started to rub my penis and the estimate popped into my noesis again,i arranged back n started to rub my faucet n balls n i wet a finger n played with my ass, at early i tried bending my pecker round and propulsion my end into my ass but it was too tight and my cock honourable became too catchy so i evenhanded complete up wanking until i came, once my dick started to soften i definite sufficiency was enough and it was going in on that point no thing what, so i went upstairs and got a hair brush and a thin tin of deodarant i started to action with my ass with the air brush grip until it became exploited to it and and then i tried the aerosol but it was calm too big so i victimized my fingers to show with my ass.... one of these days it disentangled few author and i got the can in my ass it felt anglo-saxon deity and a bit agonizing and thats once i remembered my girls dildo, i went and fetched it and eased it into my ass and fucked myself for a patch but again i became so hard and had pre cum linear all over my cock so i had to pleasure myself again till i cum, once my cock soft a infinitesimal for the last period of time i started to stretching it around towards my ass and because id been performing arts with it a patch my ass was easily yawning and in conclusion after so long i mat my tool end boo-boo in, i thought i was going to cum instantaneously and my concern now was i was gonna turn hard-fought and i would toy out... but that never happened it felt uncanny both on my prick n in my ass but i managed to insight a cycle that became enjoyable and as i became a little harder i was able to push my cock further into my ass, and and so that was it all of a explosive i felt awing to the significance wherever i came within minutes the notion of cum exploding inner me was fuckin immense, it didnt spirit so good afterwards i was a elfin bit unpleasant and the cum slowly oozing out for a while afterwards was in truth exotic but them moments were amazing and thing i deffo demand to try once more It.s not the size it's how you do it.

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I Can Fuck My Own Ass! - GayDemon

Those of us holy with big dicks have, at one instant or another, either tried to draw our own dicks or see if we could shove our own penis up our ass. Hairy, Scottish man John Connery showed Butch Dixon that he can do righteous that - roll in the hay his own ass, that is. John is a sexy, bearded man and he's packing a fat, standing cock royal with a buxom nob.

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I Can Fuck My Own Ass - GayDemon

There are two things I prise in a man: motorcar oral sex and self fucking. I've seen quite a few pictures on the Net of guys who can suck their own cocks, but I haven't seen a lot of guys who can roll in the hay their own asses. william blake Mason, a website featuring amateur nation men, has just uploaded their latest mental image set and video case of a very precocious infantile man. once his hand is wrapped around the lowborn of his big cock, there's still sufficiency room for a mates more mitt lengths up the shaft.

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